Fred Barr – Pikes Peak Entrepreneur by Eric Swab


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Fred W. Barr was in many respects an ordinary man with an extraordinary passion for the mountains. He turned that passion into a career which embraced a particular mountain, Pikes Peak. Apparently Fred Barr left no diary and no correspondence. There is only a brief two page, double spaced, typescript of the basic details of his life. If his name hadn’t become associated with his most important achievement, the building of a trail from Manitou Springs to the summit of Pikes Peak, his story might have been lost. Since he is now dead, as are most of the people who knew him, to learn his history we must rely on what the media and his friends wrote about him. As a result a legend has grown up around his life and accomplishments. As with most legends it has been picked up and “amplified” by the media. And like many legends, there is a kernel of truth imbedded in it.